HyperCube is a cloud-native serving engine for retrieval from large collections with Deep Learning. HyperCube is the core technology needed for real-time serving of Deep Learning based applications such as similarity search, deduplication, recommender systems, matching, feed ranking, personalization, and many more.

Today, companies try to use databases or search engines that are not built to handle such machine learning loads. To get around that, engineers and scientists spend years constructing complex data pipelines and retrofitting their existing serving stacks with custom plugins, open-source toolkits, and ML microservices. The resulting systems are hard to manage, lack flexibility, provide poor performance, have cumbersome deployment cycles, and produce suboptimal business outcomes. HyperCube changes that! 

With HyperCube, customers simply point to their data collection and scoring models. HyperCube does the rest. HyperCube builds optimized deep-indexes, launches a scalable and production-ready serving stack, and efficiently retrieves top-scoring items for every query in real-time.

Key Benefits

Improve Results

Key business indicators improve by 10% or more by using your best models in production. Once deployed, results keep improving.

Go to Market

Time to develop and deploy new applications is reduced from months to several weeks or even days. Science teams experiment faster, push models from the lab to production in minutes.

Scale with Ease

Ingest, index, and serve any catalog size without compromising accuracy, recall, or performance. Enjoy top notch performance a 2-20x improvement in latency depending on workload and prior tech.

HyperCube Can Power Your

Recommend items from your catalog to shoppers based on their history and cart

Find near-duplicate catalog items, database records, images, files or videos

Similarity Search
Find similar items in shape, function, usage, or shopping patterns

Visual Search
Search your catalog of images for items and/or styles based on query images

Face Search
Retrieve the most similar images of faces from a large image catalog

Online Ads
Find the most relevant ads to show in every context for every usera

Personalize the set of media, articles, and videos suggested for every user

Fraud Prevention
Find the most similar past patterns in real-time and decide whether to block 

Match your user profiles with job opportunities, dating partners, real estate, restaurants and more

Enterprise Search
Retrieve the most relevant documents for complex queries based on NLP models

Getting Started

HyperCube is available through an Early Access Program. We work with customers who want to build new applications or those who want to improve, accelerate, and streamline their existing systems.  

Our team will be delighted to explore how HyperCube can best help you meet your business objectives.

Please reach out to us to schedule a demo and get access to our onboarding material.